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Hello and good evening everyone, my name is Jamie East and welcome to my first blog and official website! I am owner and founder of The Tiny Spa & Styled by Jamie East Esthetics in Winston-Salem North Carolina, where I do what I love and love what I do. In my tiny spa I offer specialized facials,treatment focused body wraps, customized therapeutic massages, body waxing, makeup application, eyebrow & eyelash tinting, and overall wellness tips and tricks. In my nine years as an esthetician and one year as a massage therapist, I’ve noticed that my clients not only receive treatments from me, but they look to my opinion on everyday events, life, stress, ¬†wellness, beauty, happiness, where they should get their hair done, what are the best restaurants in town, where to go for vacation and so on and so forth…So this blog is for you, all my loyal clients, supporters, friends, family and newcomers. Welcome to The Tiny Spa & Styled, where you will find my eclectic encounters with the world-wide web for all things beauty, wellness, fitness, nutrition, new trends, news events, other blogs and anything I discover to be inspirational and useful. You’re welcome and enjoy!



  1. What can I say about Jamie? She has “the touch” to make you feel better about yourself on the inside and the outside. Her facials, massages and products are simply remarkable!

  2. My first experience of a professional massage went very well last month. Mrs. Jamie made the area (room) calm and relaxing. I was comfortable and had no complaints about the pressure and touches she used. I am going back for my second appointment at the end of this month! Keep up the good work! Thank you for making my first experience a lasting one!

    • Thank you so much Valencia for your wonderful and kind review. I’m so glad you enjoyed your first massage. You now have a $5 credit towards your next service!

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