Styled by Jamie East Esthetics is now here!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with decorating and styling my own home and office. As a child I grew up in spaces that were decorated well and everything in the home had a specific purpose and place. My mom and grandmother made sure I knew how to keep a clean, functional and beautiful space. My mom being an artist has a very specific eye for space, color and simplicity. I can say with confidence that I inherited a little bit of that talent for spacial awareness, how to use color, when to take away, when to add more, how to use what you got, and how to create a happy, beautiful home.

When I’m not in the spa doing facials, waxing, body treatments and massages, I’m at home driving my boyfriend crazy styling our new apartment, constantly rearranging and editing every room and piece in our 1200 square feet home. As I’m styling and editing I find myself in a zone where I’m relaxed, and it gives me so much happiness to create a comfy, cozy, stylish pace for us to live in.

My current clients who have been to my office have seen a taste of my style and now I’m working on developing my online portfolio of the rooms I’ve styled in my own home. I’m also offering styling services and you can find them on the website under  the tab “Styled.” If you like the work that I’ve done so far,  I would love the opportunity to style your own home, office, retail space or any other space where you might need a fresh eye. We will start with a consultation where I will give you a quick styling quiz for you and whoever may be sharing the space you wish to style. This quiz will help me determine your specific style, taste, needs and look you are wanting to accomplish, allowing me to fully customize your styling experience. This tool helps us to start from the same page so that we minimize cost and you receive the best experience possible. From there we will decide which styling service is best suited for your style and budget. Patience is key during the styling process, as it is an art and takes some trial, error and editing to create that perfect space. However, I’m ready and super excited to take on all your styling needs!