The reinvented [ comfort zone ] Essentials and Active Pureness Lines are here!!!


essentialsThe Essentials line is your daily care for all types of skin, for:

Removing make-up



Enriched with natural osmolytes, it protects the normal skin balance

and defends it against environmental aggressors, resulting

in a luminous and perfectly clean skin.

Cleansing is an essential step to guarantee skin’s health, moisture and luminosity. It is a simple gesture and yet a crucial one, since external aggressors dehydrate and attack the skin’s natural defenses everyday, while make-up, sun filters and pollution build up on it, causing dullness and sensitivity.

In revisiting the cleansing beauty routine, [ comfort zone ] has chosen an effective and at the same time extremely gentle active approach. The new Essential range has just been completely reformulated: Betaine, a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets, has been added to all products, to maintain the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film, and support it against external environmental aggressions. Osmolytes are naturally present in our cells and they guarantee a perfect cellular hydration and vitality even in very stressful conditions.

3 different cleansers (Milk, Face Wash and Micellar Water) are available to satisfy different habits and needs, an alcohol-free Toner completes the daily care with Niacinamide which favours oxygenation and protects the microcirculation. A Silica-based Scrub and a Bromeline Peeling are ideal options one or twice a week to renew and regenerate.

Conceived for every skin type, the Essential range cleanses, tones, renews and exfoliates, while always reinforcing the hydrolipidic barrier and avoiding the undesired tight skin sensation and rebound effect, for a visible glowing and revitalizing effect!

The formulas follow the “Science-Based Conscious Formulas approach, with up to 99% natural-origin ingredients and no silicones or any aggressive surfactants (SLES).

 Made in Italy with competence and care, the Essential products are manufactured using electrical energy from renewable sources. The entirely recyclable packaging has been designed to minimize its environmental impact, reducing the use of raw materials and superfluous elements.


BETAINE, a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets, is present in all the line’s products, to maintain skin’s natural hydrolipidic film, and support it against external environmental aggressions.

NIACINAMIDE or VITAMIN PP reactivates the cutaneous micro-circulation and optimizes oxygenation to the tissues, contributing to maintaining moisture and keeping the skin in optimal living state.

BROMELAIN, SILICA and JOJOBA SPHERES are the components of the two exfoliant formulas, designed to satisfy different skin needs. Bromelain, extracted from pineapple, with its enzymatic action, promotes a gradual degradation of the most superficial dead cells (keratinocytes) to purify and polish more fragile skins. Particles in different dimensions and characteristics such as silica and jojoba spheres, create instead a two-dimensional mechanical scrub, good for more resistant skins.


Fresh and vibrant with hints of citrus from orange peel and ginger, Essential’s fragrance evokes the gentle vitality of cleansing gestures, exulting the line’s modern appeal, ideal for both women and men.


ESSENTIAL proposes an integrated approach combining the use of topical home care products with professional treatments, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to maintain the skin’s natural beauty in a simple gentle manner, day after day.


 Cosmetic products feed and nourish the skin. For this reason, [ comfort zone ] pays close attention to what goes into its formulas. The finest natural origin active ingredients, molecules and cutting-edge technological systems are selected. Every ingredient is chosen carefully to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety, and that it is pleasant to use. The silicones have been replaced with oils that guarantee silkiness and softness for a “real active beauty” on the skin. SLES, the aggressive surfactants, have been eliminated and replaced by gentler cleansers, more sustainable for the environment and the skin.


[ comfort zone ] is happy to reintroduce Active Pureness.

The Active Pureness line is designed to purify, renew and mattify impure, oily skin.

A more accessible line, resulting in clean, balanced skin and reduction of visible pores.

New packaging, upgraded formulas, but same refreshing fragrance.

To specifically address the needs of oily skin and those prone to developing acne, the new ACTIVE PURENESS system consists of a cleansing gel and a renewing toner, an astringent clay mask with anti-shine effect, a hydrating fluid ideal as a make-up base, and a specific corrector to target pimples. These components all work together to restore the skin’s normal balance.


 A BLEND OF WHITE AND GREEN CLAYS counters sebum hyper-production and helps mattify the skin.

Purple Mangosteen (GARCINIA MANGOSTANA), is a tropical evergreen plant, whose fruit is known as the “king of fruits” for its delicious taste and pleasing aroma. The peel is rich in polyphenol and xanthonoid compounds, among which the alpha-mangostin, tannins, and flavonoids in particular promote a strong anti-oxidant action. The extract also carries out efficient anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, which make it ideal for the treatment of oily skin.

Alpha-Poly-Hydroxy Acids, such as GLUCONOLACTONE, MANDELIC ACID AND GLYCOLIC ACID, promote an exfoliating action to contrast hyperkeratosis, polish the skin and reduce pore visibility.


The Active Pureness line is distinguished by a fresh fragrance, reminiscent of the sea, flowery and unisex. Light on the skin, the fragrance top note bears a hint of rose, melon and water lily followed by a heart of white flowers and a sandalwood base, confirming its delicate spirit.



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